Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I will post here Romanian(but not only) mints for trading. The area will be update after each trade.
Some stamps/sets are available in more than one copy. Some of them(not many) have rusty stains on the back. In case of trading I will say if there are any problems with the stamps.
For the pre-2007 I will also post the catalogue value and for the recent one the face-value in Euro/U.S.Dollars. I only have 2004 Michel and updates from then since 2008. If anyone could help with Scott or other catalogues values I will add them here too. The Michel values will be used just as a reference.

1.Michel nr. 3358-63/1976 6Euro

/>3.Mi N.3336-39/1976 2.6 E

4.Mi N. 2979-2982/1971 2.6E

5.Mi N. 3484-3490/1977 4E

6.a.Mi N3048-49/1972 2.2 E. b.3120-21/1973 3E, c.3571-72/1978 0.7E, d.3125/1973 1.5E e.3123/1973 0.6 f.3124/1973 0.5 E

7. Mi N. 3069-77/ 1973 7E

8. Mi. N 2992-2997/1971 5E