Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Music and Movie Stars

I will start this section of the blog by adding some Germany and U.S.A. stamps.
As I said in the previous post I am looking forward to enrich my collection.

The singers presented in the first line(if you didn't recognize them) are, from left to right: Buddy Holly, Elvis, Jim Morrison and John Lennon.
For a few minutes I will let Jim sing:

I wondered why in the third set there are only four actors and the fifth stamp is so impersonal. Michele sent me today a link which may give an explanation:

I don't think that the personalities represented here need any further presentation, but I loved these 2 tributes:

Bulgaria and Cuba sets commemorating 100 years of cinematography

In 2003 Austria made a Rolling Stones souvenir sheet:

and I guess that this is a good reason for listening the band:

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